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Grandmom Never Guessed That Furball Would Have Such A Grand Adventure!
Before Grandmom even reached the greenhouse, she knew something was terribly wrong. She heard a cat screaming in the woods behind her house. She checked inside the greenhouse just to be sure...but she already knew. The screaming was coming from Furball. It was very slick and icy that day, but Grandmom managed to climb over her back fence and into the wild wooded area just behind her house. The sky was white. The trees were white. The cat was white. It was hard for Grandmom to find her at first. But. then she saw her. Furball, who had never climbed a tree in her life, was perched high in the sky.

  Poor Furball! Furball was terribly afraid...and she was crying and crying. The sleet and snow were pelting down heavily, and Furball was sopping wet and freezing. Grandmom called to her, but Furball was too upset to listen. It was going to be dark soon, and Grandmom knew she had to do something right away if she was going to save her little cat.

Cashmere, nicknamed "Furball" doesn't like to get her fur wet or her feet muddy.
  Furball Needed Help! Grandmom ran next door to get her neighbor's help. Several people came to the woods and brought a ladder, but it was no good. The ladder wasn't nearly high enough to reach Furball. And all the commotion on the ground was making her climb even higher. Furball perched on the very top twig of the tree. No one could reach her. She might as well have been sitting on the moon.

"I only like artificial trees," she said with a grumpy mew.
  Desperate Measures! There was no way anyone could get Furball down, and it was getting dark. The cat was crying and crying, and Grandmom was crying too. "Throw something at her," Grandmom said. "We have to get her down."

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